Stocks in the economic session drop in European markets, and attention is given to the recovery fund talks


European stocks fell, affected by the poor performance of sectors linked to the movement of the economic cycle amid an escalation in cases of infection with the Corona virus around the world, while investors are cautiously optimistic about the European Economic Recovery Fund talks.

The euro zone stock index fell 0.5 percent, as the single currency jumped to a four-month high.

European Union leaders are making progress after a three-day debate over a plan to revitalize their economies, which was rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic, but Dutch Prime Minister Mark Roth warned that talks were still facing the risk of collapse.

The broader index of European shares also fell 0.5 percent, while the poor performance in Asian markets continued amid increasing Corona virus infections in many countries.

The European travel and entertainment sector index fell 2.2 percent, topping the losses of the sectors in the continent, while shares of oil and gas companies, car makers and banks fell more than one percent.

Julius Bayer, the Swiss wealth management company, fell 5.5 percent after the company announced a 6 percent decline in the amount of assets under management in the six months to June, at the end of 2019.

The dollar is falling and rising, so will it stabilize in the coming days?


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