STC: The Kuwaiti telecom market is developed and challenging


Kuwait – Mubasher: Confirmed company Kuwaiti STC The Kuwaiti telecom market is a developed and challenging market, with high demand for 5G services and digital solutions among a large segment of customers, both individuals and companies..

According to Al-Rai, the company reviewed it through a conference “MENA 5G” The virtual meeting held to discuss ways to develop the telecommunications sector and the latest modern communication technologies and technologies, its unique experience in making a quantum leap in telecommunications services, and to provide innovative and integrated platforms for customers via digital technology.

The general manager of networks at the company, Ahmed Al Sharif, confirmed in a virtual discussion session, that thanks to the updates made by the company on its strategy and ways of operation, it managed to position itself on a leading position in the field of innovative technologies.

He stressed that STC has taken pioneering steps in the field of information technology infrastructure, communications and digital platforms to enable digital transformation at the level of Kuwait.

Al Sharif added that the company has strengthened its leadership in Kuwait by providing fifth generation services on a large scale, to cover more than 90% of the occupied area of ​​Kuwait with the fifth generation networks..

He pointed out that the company was the first in the world in the application of technology «FDD 8T8R», And on-demand multi-sector deployments across the second, third and fourth generation networks, based on software configuration to enable appropriate capacity expansion based on existing devices while achieving smooth development to the fifth generation.

He stated that the company is the leading domestic operator in mobile broadband networks «MBB» In Kuwait, and the method of communications that includes or deals with frequencies on a large scale, in addition to transmitting data via optical fiber cables, and it is also the first company to launch the independent network «E2E 5G», And service solutions «B2C» And«B2H» And«B2B».

Al-Sharif indicated that STC is one of the first companies in the world to implement technology «CA & VoLTE» Standard high-speed wireless connectivity for cell phones and data stations, enhancing voice service and data flows within a data carrier «LTE».

she was The company’s profit fell 13.5% in the past year, To reach 43.602 million dinars, compared to 2018 profits of 50.42 million dinars.

و .قرت The general assembly of the company in late March, Recommendation of the Board of Directors to distribute 50% cash dividends to shareholders for the year 2019, at 50 fils per share, for a total amount of 24.968 million dinars..


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