Spotting two giant planes dancing in space


the worldMix

Scientists have called the two planets “WASP-148b” and “WASP-148c”, according to the astronomical “mystery planet”, where they revolve around a star similar to the sun, located about 800 light years away, in the constellation of Hercules or Al-Jathi, which is located in the celestial hemisphere. The northern, between the ukulele and the northern wreath, is the fifth largest asteroid.

According to observational results, the size of “WASP-148b” is approximately equal to that of Saturn, while the size of the other planet “WASP-148c” is half the mass of Jupiter.

The explanation was the result of feeling each other’s gravity, which was concluded by the acceleration and deceleration of their movements according to the distances between them, to appear as if they were performing a dance in space.


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