Spain is re-isolating more than 200 thousand of its population due to Corona



Spain imposed a new isolation on more than two hundred thousand residents of the Catalonia region, after recording a significant increase in new Corona infections in a rural area and monitoring dozens of new HIV infection hotspots.

Catalonia President Kim Tora announced on Saturday that as of noon, the Lerida region, 150 km west of Barcelona, ​​has been isolated.

He told reporters: “We decided to isolate the del Sigria region (in the vicinity of the city of Lerida), based on a database confirming a significant increase in the number of cases of Covid-19,” speaking of a “difficult decision” for dozens of towns involved.

He stressed that, according to this decision, “neither the agricultural area nor the exit will be allowed at a time when a number of families have started the summer vacation and with the onset of the harvest season.”

For her part, the Minister of Health of the Catalonia region, Alba Virgis, said that the gatherings of more than ten people will be banned, with the suspension of visiting the homes for the elderly.

And Catalonia recorded four thousand and 30 cases of corona in the region of Lerida, exceeding the outcome of Thursday by sixty injuries.

For its part, the Madrid area, which was the epicenter of the epidemic, indicated the monitoring of five injuries in the Spanish capital, and asked the injured to stone themselves in the houses.

Spain opened its borders on June 21 to the European Union and the Schengen area, in addition to the British.

The number of injuries in Spain reached 250,545 out of 47 million people, while 28,385 deaths were recorded.

Source: AFP


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