Songul Udan surprises her lover by setting her wedding date with her lover


The Turkish star surprisedSongül ÖdenShe loves her by fixing the date of her wedding, from her beloved businessman Arman Bishikji, after a relationship that lasted 3 years, despite her recent announcement that she was not convinced of the marriage system.
Turkish media reported that Songul and her boyfriend decided to hold their wedding on the twenty-seventh of this month, in his family’s home, and the close party, numbering only 20 people, would attend a large wedding, after a crisis endedCorona Virus​.
Sungul had recently spoken boldly about her lack of conviction in the marriage system, asserting that she was a failure, and also called on lovers and lovers not to be engaged, because that would destroy their love.
“We have to admit that divorces are terrifying and outweigh the instances in which married people live.”


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