Solskjaer angry before facing Chelsea


Manchester United manager Oli Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed that it was not fair for Chelsea to have 48 hours of rest, more than his team, to prepare for their confrontation in the FA Cup semi-finals, next Sunday.

United will play against Crystal Palace in the English Premier League on Thursday, while Chelsea enter the semi-final match after its victory over Norwich City last Tuesday.

“There is a worrying thing,” said Solskjaer. “It is Chelsea getting 48 hours more to rest and recover. This is not fair.”

He continued: “We talked about justice in the match schedule before the competitions resume. I have to think about Thursday’s match. We have to win this match and then think about the next confrontation.”

He indicated that his team is in good condition and that he can handle the upcoming fixtures.

He added: “The next two weeks will be stressful, but we are in good physical condition. The players are in better shape for years.”

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