Snapchat adds 9 million daily active users in the last quarter


Snapchat adds 9 million daily active users in the second quarter of 2020 and contributes to $ 454 million in revenue.

Snapchat announced that Snapchat applications attracted approximately 9 million daily active users during the second fiscal quarter of 2020 that ended with the end of June, bringing the number of users to 238 million by the end of the quarter, and this increase in the number of active users contributed to the growth in advertising revenue On the platform to reach 454 million USD.

Despite declining public advertising revenue for most companies in the world due to the consequences of the Corona pandemic, the Snapchat application continued with positive results.

The increase in users is a continuation of the company’s growth over the past two years, and represents a growth of 17% for the same period last year.

Evan Spiegel, founder and president of Snap Company, says that the interaction between users and the attraction to the content published on the platform has increased significantly during the recent period, and he emphasized that the augmented reality lenses that are present on the application have had the biggest share in the company’s continued growth during the recent period as the increase in The use of application lenses increased by 37% during the last quarter compared to the same period in 2019.

The increase in the number of users on Snapchat and various communication applications is expected this period in light of the global reservation due to Corona.



Source: Technology World


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