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Posted by a member of the artist’s family Shukran Murtaja A picture while she is on the recovery bed to reassure her audience, who increased their questions and contacts, and tried to check on her health, after she underwent surgery in Al-Andalus Hospital in the Syrian capital, Damascus, to eradicate the gallbladder.

Her sister’s daughter published on Monday morning, via the personal page of Murtaja, a video that includes pictures and sound of Murtaja, who appears to be signs of fatigue and exhaustion, as she addressed her words to her fans, thanking them for their questions, interest and contacts, indicating that the symptoms of improvement and comfort began to appear on her while she is currently surrounded by her family, and considered that she A crisis passed, wishing all the best and safety for everyone.

Shukran asked her fans to pay attention to their health, confirming that it is a crisis and will continue, and she will soon return to her work in order to resume filming the rest of her scenes in the series “Street Chicago”, written and directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz and the production of Media Grip in cooperation with the Weyak application, and concluded her word with “I love you” “.

Since the news of the surgical operation was spread to Murtaga, many artists and her friends were quick to direct words of support, support and safety to her, while it was announced by her family that visits are prohibited to preserve public safety, especially in light of the spread of the Corona virus.

It is noteworthy that the artist Shukran Murtaja did not participate this year in the dramatic Ramadan season, while she appeared on platforms The YouTube Through the series “Myada and Children”, which was filmed two years ago, but it was not shown on television.

And waiting for the twenty-sixth of this month to show the first episodes of the series “Street Chicago” where the character “Stella”, the owner of “Teatro” will appear in the sixties of the last century, especially as the work talks about two time stages, one of them in the sixties of the last century and the second in the current era And the first show will be exclusively via the “O Os Ya Hala Al Oula” channel.

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