Shukran Murtaja in the operating room … here are the details


The actress Shukran Mortja revealed that she was hospitalized and underwent a surgery, and she sent a message to her audience, detailing what happened to her, through her media official, Majid Al-Ajlani, who wrote through her account on “Instagram”, saying: “Yesterday night was not an ordinary night for the star, Shukran Murtaji. We have always known about her high endurance and solid level of patience with which she encounters all the difficulties she faces, but after a period of physical fatigue felt by Murtaja, she reached a state of pain yesterday night that she could no longer face, and this prompted her to summon her strength and go Directly to the ambulance department at Al-Andalus Hospital located in Damascus. “

He added: “With the dawn of the new day, Mourtaga had difficult moments during the process of eradicating the ambulatory gallbladder that she underwent upon her admission to the hospital, so that this process succeeded and symptoms of improvement and comfort appeared on Mourtja surrounded by family members.”

He continued: “During these difficult times, we can only thank and gratitude for all the efforts exerted by the distinguished medical staff in Al-Andalus Hospital, and we especially thank Dr. Qasim Dukhan, Dr. Maan Naseer and all the compassionate hands that diminished the pain on our star.”

He concluded: “We assure all of the fans that the artist Shukran Murtaja has become very healthy and is under the care of doctors before she leaves for her home after a short period to fully check on her health to return to stand in front of the camera of the director Mohamed Abdel Aziz after a few days to finish her last scenes in the series (Street) Chicago) .. With our wishes for the permanent health of the star, Shukran Murtaja and all her fans … Media Office Majid Al-Ajlani, Damascus.


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