Shukran Murtaja in the hospital following a sudden health crisis


Yesterday, the Syrian star, Shukran Murtaja, underwent an urgent surgical intervention to eradicate the inflamed gallbladder, after she was urgently transferred to a hospital in the Syrian capital, Damascus, after her growing feeling of abdominal pain that lasted for several days.

Shukran Murtaja is currently undergoing the medical care she needs, and Murtaja is awaiting the launch of her upcoming series, “Chicago Street”, in which she shares the championship with Slaf Fawakherji and Dorid Lahham. Murtaji confirmed, through an audio and video message from the hospital, on “Instagram”, that it is a transient health crisis and that she is feeling a marked improvement, while the star thanked and thanked everyone who asked about her health and reassured about her, whether by calling or coming, renewing the promise to meet her audience soon.


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