Sharjah Social launches 7 social responsibility initiatives


Sharjah 24:
In order to reinforce the values ​​of social solidarity and cohesion between members of society and its institutions, the Department of Social Services in Sharjah launched a set of projects and initiatives in support of social responsibility programs in cooperation with government agencies, public benefit bodies and private sector institutions in addition to the contributions of community members.

The launch of these projects reinforced the Department’s commitment to programs that have a positive impact on society in light of the approach adopted by the Emirate of Sharjah to provide life and decent living for the Sharjah community.

7 initiatives in support of social responsibility

The number of initiatives launched since the beginning of this year amounted to 7 a variety of community initiatives, according to the nature, type and goal of each initiative, and it was represented in the “Joy of Eid” initiative, which is dedicated to providing holiday gifts for children of the needy and needy families to bring joy and pleasure to them on Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. It is followed by the “Collaborators” initiative to support the parents of elderly citizens and residents of the Emirate of Sharjah who reside alone in their homes and provide them with difficult-to-reach living needs, while the “Sanad” initiative is to support and support low-income families and families in need of social assistance and support them to manage their affairs Living in light of the social conditions that they are exposed to, as well as the “imprint” initiative, it is to improve the housing of less fortunate families through the rehabilitation of the housing, and the “No Caravan” initiative to teach children without social care who have difficulty in joining education, in addition to the “We Protect You” initiative to provide materials Disinfection tools for vulnerable families and low-income families during the Corona pandemic.

As for the “You are our Paradise” initiative, it highlights that the elderly fathers and mothers have a great advantage over the children and societies for the unfulfilled giving and celebration with them on their global day, which falls on the first of October every year, confirming that the community values ​​their achievements and contributions. Significant impact in achieving its sustainable development.

Khouloud Ahmed Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Community Service Affairs, stated that the Social Services Department aims, through its launch of these projects, to enhance the spirit of solidarity and cooperation between members of society and its institutions, as well as consolidating a culture of social solidarity as an effective method in which everyone joins together to achieve the desired societal results, pointing out that Social responsibility programs are one of the priorities of the department in supporting and supporting social, educational and humanitarian projects or anything that would serve the society and make it happy.

Al-Nuaimi added that the department strengthens its role as a responsible body towards society, by involving governmental and community institutions and the private sector in its community initiatives, will directly contribute to the success of initiatives and strengthening its social role by targeting the various segments of society, as well as increasing awareness of individuals of the importance of responsibility and enhancing its aspects Societal.

The Executive Director of Community Service Affairs expressed her thanks and appreciation to the various partners from governmental institutions and private bodies that provided various forms of support and cooperation for the success of social responsibility programs, calling on all to continue the support that reflects the constructive partnership that embodies the authentic social values ​​and their noble human goals in Upgrading the society of the Emirate of Sharjah together.

The department seeks to involve governmental and community institutions, the private sector and individuals in its projects of social responsibility, in order to contribute to the success of these projects and enhance its social role as well as increasing individuals’ awareness of the importance of social responsibility and strengthening its aspects based on mutual cooperation.

All support and contributions can be made to the department’s bank account, (AE550410000011200248005) at Sharjah Islamic Bank, or via text messages. The department also provided a hotline to communicate and receive inquiries through the number; 0568537304.


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