Sharjah Education Council launches a series of lectures and educational courses


Sharjah 24:
The Sharjah Education Council has started implementing a series of educational courses and lectures, within its annual program aimed at refining and building the Emirati character, and inculcating the values ​​of good citizenship in the hearts of those targeted, through a package of activities and events that continue until early November.

The launch of the program, which was launched last June, comes in the context of the targeted annual activities and events that the Council is keen on, with a view to occupying leisure time during the summer vacation, to the benefit of students and the educational field of benefit and good, and work to support and nurture talents and skills and expose the target to various and advanced experiences with a group Officials and specialists.

Mohammed Al-Mulla, Secretary-General of Sharjah Education Council, stated that the training courses and lectures program comes in the context of the council’s strategic plan and the vision of the emirate, and its keenness to provide events and activities offered by elites with expertise and competence, specialists and trainers in several fields.

Al Mulla added: “We focus on instilling educational and ethical concepts and promoting the values ​​of good citizenship in the hearts of the participants, through educational lectures and courses that enhance those concepts to them.” He pointed out that the activities started since last June, valuing the efforts and eagerness of the trainers and lecturers to participate.

The events program started with a lecture on exam preparations coinciding with exams at the end of the third and last semester of the current academic year, presented by Dr. Sulaiman Hamdan from Sharjah Authority for Special Education, during which he directed a number of advice to students on how to prepare for pre-exams.

Latifa Rashid gave a lecture on diet, followed by a special lecture at the Department of Government Nurseries on how to create a child with an integrated personality.

The lectures schedule includes a lecture on July 19, entitled “My child says not” targeting the administration of nurseries, followed by the second day of August, a lecture entitled “Astronomy and Space”, and on the sixth of September a lecture on how to live with Corona, and a lecture on happiness and innovation, and concludes the lectures program in The first of November, a course offered by the Dubai Ambulance Institution entitled “Medic in every home”.


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