Sharjah Chamber strengthens cooperation with Rwanda for the post “Covid-19”


Sharjah 24:

His Excellency Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Emmanuel Hatjika, Ambassador of Rwanda to the country, discussed during a meeting held “remotely” recently in the presence of Fatima Khalifa Al Muqrab, Director of International Relations at the Chamber, ways of strengthening economic relations between the business sector in both countries The two friends, in addition to supporting issues of mutual interest, enhancing cooperation and exploring available investment opportunities and fields in various economic sectors, especially with the gradual return to the economic life witnessed in the UAE and planning for the post “Covid-19” stage.
Serving the business community

His Excellency Abdullah Sultan Al Owais welcomed, through communication with the Rwandan Ambassador, appreciating his country’s keenness to consolidate trade cooperation between the Emirate of Sharjah and the Republic of Rwanda, noting that the resumption of communication through diplomatic missions and their commercial attachés with the relevant authorities in the country will contribute to speeding the return of economic life and transcending The repercussions of “Covid 19”, by creating incentives between business owners and investors of both parties, and identifying the investment opportunities available in the markets of the two countries, so that they can find distinctive foundations for the development of joint trade cooperation.

Al Owais stressed the importance of constructive cooperation with diplomatic missions to develop joint action plans and redoubling efforts to develop and strengthen areas of economic and investment cooperation, in addition to taking advantage of the capabilities of those embassies and consulates to introduce investment opportunities that each country enjoys.

Al Owais pointed out that there are many strategic elements that the two friendly countries possess, which will enhance the volume of trade relations between them in a way that reflects their economic potential, especially since the Emirate of Sharjah is one of the most important economic destinations that attract funds and investments worldwide, and Rwanda is a fertile country and a distinct portal In the countries of the African Union, stressing that the Sharjah Chamber is fully prepared to provide many services, exchange investment experiences, coordination and cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in the Emirates to provide information and data to serve the interests of the business communities in both countries.

Strong and firm foundations

For his part, His Excellency Emmanuel Hatjika stressed that the bilateral relations between his country and the UAE state are based on strong and firm foundations that are strengthened by the will of the two friendly countries seeking the interests of the two peoples in various fields, especially in the economic field, pointing out that the UAE is a strategic partner of Rwanda in Most of the vital sectors, as the Emirate of Sharjah is a distinguished partner in many of the leading commercial projects in Rwanda, expressing his country’s desire to benefit from the pioneering experience achieved by Sharjah in the field of economic development, especially in the sector of business tourism, agriculture and industry.

The meeting also focused on the importance of benefiting from the preferential advantages in each country in setting a perception of the sustainability mechanism in the food production process in Rwanda by taking advantage of the modern technologies enjoyed by local companies in Sharjah in the agricultural production sector.


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