Serie A top scorer after results of Wednesday’s matches in round 33


Scorer for the Italian League

Sport 360 – We show you top scorer The Italian League After the matches ended today, Wednesday 15 July, 7 matches were held, as part of the completion of Round 33.

Serie A top scorer after today’s match results

The goal difference continued between the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus star, and Lazio striker Ciro Imoble at one goal, after the two players failed to score any goals in this round, as Aldon did not score in the 3-3 draw with Sassuolo, and Imoble did not score any goals in a negative tie with Udinese.

The Al-Nisour striker leads the Italian league’s top scorer with 29 goals, and is directly behind the Madeira missile with 28 goals.

Serie A top scorer after today’s match results

The Italian league’s top scorer following the results of today’s matches was as follows:

1- Chero Imobly 29 goals

2- Cristiano Ronaldo … 28 goals

3- Romelu Lukaku … 20 goals

4- Joao Pedro .. 17 goals

5- Louis Moriel .. 17 goals

6- Francesco Caputo … 17 goals

7- Dofan Zabata .. 16 goals

8- Josep Alessic .. 15 goals

9- Aydin Dzeko .. 15 goals

10- Andrea Pilotti .. 14 goals

11- LaTaro Martinez: 13 goals

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