Saudi Rahaf Al-Qunoon reveals the first close-up picture of her baby and his father (photo) – Erm News


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Saudi Arabia revealed Rahaf Al-QunoonToday, Monday, from the man who had previously confirmed that she had given birth to his first child, revealing his name as well, without specifying his nationality or origins.

Through an account attributed to her on “Instagram”, Rahaf shared a picture with her followers, and the father of her newborn appeared with her for the first time closely, who was carrying their child, whose face was not revealed, and it is not yet clear whether it is male or female.

Al-Qanoun announced that the name of the father of the newborn, Randy, referred to his name through an attached comment: “I would like to spend the rest of my life with you and raise our child to be strong like us. I love you Randy and I will always love you.”

Saudi Arabia, Rahaf Al-Qanoun, who lives in Canada after escaping from her family last year, and obtaining asylum, followed her followers, weeks ago, by announcing it through a video clip that she published through “Snapchat” that she had her first child.

She also returned and confirmed that she will not return to Saudi Arabia and will remain in Canada; Because of the presence of her husband and her child, explaining that she spoke with her family and knew everything about her, adding that they refused her return to Saudi Arabia as being stable in her life, denouncing the intervention of some in her life.

Rahaf Al-Qanoun wrote: “I wish your loved ones who reckon with me that they would return to Saudi Arabia are invalid. They speak .. stable and I have a husband and a child .. I spoke to one of my family a month ago and they know everything, not even asked me to come back .. They told me a word: (Complete your life there since you are stable) .. You are what you are worried about and they are my family and they are my family. ”


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