Saudi News does not cover the camera .. “strange” advice from Apple for MacBook owners


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Sunday 7/20/1920 02:36 PM Abu Dhabi time

Apple said that there are many ways for the user to cover the camera with a laptop, from simple stickers to small sliding slides, in order to protect from surveillance or spying with the camera.

However, the American company advises MacBook owners not to rely on such means. Since it causes damage to the screen when folding the laptop; Because the distance between the keyboard and the screen is designed with very small variations, this applies to MacBook and MacBook Air models, as well as MacBook Pro.

Apple added that the user can rely on the LED status light next to the camera; As it lights up green when the camera is active, the camera and status indicator are designed to be limited to both.

And if the user does not want to rely on the technical solution from Apple, in this case it should be taken into account that the thickness of the sticker placed on the camera does not exceed the thickness of the printing paper (0.1 mm), and does not leave adhesive residue on the camera lens, and when using a thicker poster, it is necessary to The user removed it before folding the MacBook screen.

The American company added that the camera coverage may weaken the function of the ambient light sensor, which prevents the function of automatic adjustment of the degree of brightness, color adjustment and the degree of its density from doing its work.

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