Saudi League news: 6 fiery clashes between adults in the remaining rounds of the Saudi League


Saudi 360 – The matches of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, League of Professionals, will resume on Tuesday, 4 August, after the last pause due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

There are 8 rounds remaining from the current season of the Saudi Professional League competition 2019/20 season, which will witness heavy-caliber matches through which the identity of the champion of the competition will be determined between the “victory and Hilal” teams.

Al-Hilal is ranked first in the table of the Saudi Professional League championship rankings with 51 points, while Al-Nasr is in second place with 45 points after 22 rounds of the championship have passed so far.

Here are the most prominent matches remaining in the Saudi League between adults:

1- Al-Hilal × Victory:

King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh will host the derby match between Al Hilal and Al Nasr teams, which will be held on Wednesday, 5 August, in the framework of the 23rd round matches of the Saudi Professional League Championship.

It is expected that this match will be decided in a large percentage by the identity of the champion, especially since the difference is only 6 points between them. If Al Hilal wins, the difference in points will increase while if victory wins, it will reach point 48 and the difference will be only 3!

And the Saudi fans are waiting for a tactical match between Al Hilal coach Razvan Lusescu, the Asian champion, Portuguese Rui Vitoria, Al-Nasr coach and the champion of the league last season and the super.

2- Al-Ittihad x Al-Ahly:

Another derby that the Saudi soccer fans will follow between the poles of Jeddah, Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly will be played at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, “Radioactive Jewel” in Jeddah, as part of the 24th round of the Saudi Professional League on Sunday, August 9.

Al-Ahly is seeking to reserve a seat in the AFC Champions League, so it is seeking to settle third place, while Al-Ittihad wants to escape the specter of relegation this season.

3- Al-Ahly × Al-Hilal:

Al-Ahly, who aspires to win third place, will meet Al-Hilal, who is competing for the title in a heavy-caliber clash with the 26th round of the Saudi League Championship, on August 20.

And that confrontation will witness a fire struggle between two of the best attackers in the competition: Frenchman Pavitimbi Gomez and Syrian Omar Al-Soma.

4- Al-Ahly × Youth:

Al-Ahly faces a tough test against Al-Shabab on August 30, as part of the 28th round of the Saudi Professional League competition.

Al-Ahly seeks to compete strongly for the third place, while the eighth-ranked youth want to advance in the ranking table during the remaining rounds of the competition.

5- Al-Ittihad x Victory:

Al-Ittihad will be in a difficult test and a fiery confrontation with Al-Nasr, who wants to compete for the last breath of the Saudi League title this season 20/20 with Al-Hilal.

The round will see the 29th Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr match on September 4, which is Classico Fire between the two parties, despite the dean’s delay in the competition’s scheduling schedule.

6- Al-Hilal × Youth:

In the last round, Al Hilal clashes with a fiery match against Al Shabab on September 9th, which is definitely a strong and decisive match if the title competition continues with victory for the last rounds.

Young people will be a heavy guest on Al-Hilal on September 9 at the King Saud University stadium in Riyadh, at exactly 7:35 am Mecca.

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