Saudi health explains the reasons for the survival of parts of the virus in the bodies of the recovered – one world – Arabs


The official spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali, stressed that there is no danger of the appearance of corona virus residues in tests and analyzes of bodies recovering from it, explaining that “these are inactive residues of the virus that are not reproducible and not contagious”, indicating that they disappear completely after several Weeks, reassuring that it is “not contagious and harmless, neither for the person nor for others, there is no danger as long as the diagnosis is recovery after an injury.”

Al-Abd Al-Aali explained that those who were diagnosed and confirmed recovering from the Corona virus by medical methods, are the ones who have been treated by the treating physician, that he is in recovery, spent a period without symptoms, passed it, was evaluated, and was given the status of recovering from the disease.

He added: “If the virus continues after this for weeks, then this is actually not the virus in the test, but these are inactive remnants of the virus that are not reproductive, non-infectious, and harmless, neither for the person nor for others around them, they appear in the analysis as residual in the body, but they are not It is contagious, and it will go away after a few weeks at all.

And he added, “Returning to social life and mixing with the rest of society with commitment to precautionary measures and social separation is very normal. Those recovering can return to a normal life with caution and commitment, just like others, and they can return to their friends, family members, and work environments in which they work.”

On the other hand, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health stressed in his response to those who question the accuracy of corona virus tests in “Tatman” clinics or “sure” centers, that laboratory tests in Saudi Arabia from the start of the pandemic until today use the molecular polymerization technique (pcr test) It is one of the highest levels of laboratory tests of these viruses, reliability and quality, and their results are at the highest levels of accuracy, revealing that Corona tests in the Kingdom exceeded two million and 300 thousand tests.



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