Saudi Arabia .. Uncovering the mysterious circumstances of the bloody Al-Ahsa accident – website news – follow-up


No one expected an electronic game to dominate the minds of the victims of the Al-Shu’bah village incident in Al-Ahsa, which killed four girls with a knife and hanged their brother last Wednesday evening.

Al said that it continued to search for the secrets of this mysterious case. She pointed out that her sources confirmed that the victims were frequenting games that have a direct impact on the psyche, and that it pushes its users to attack, revenge, challenges and delve into reading suicide stories.

For their part, the relatives of the victims were surprised by this incident. A resident of the division, Ismail Al-Saleh, also affirmed that “the family is known for calm and isolation and we did not know anything about them.”

The security forces are still holding the bodies after their forensic autopsy has ended, and no visible bruises have been found on the bodies of the victims. For their part, the family is awaiting the authorities ’approval to receive the bodies for burial in the northern cemetery in the division adjacent to the house.

Al-Arabiya met two children leaving the same house, who said: “We have not had contact with or playing with victims for a long time, and more than one family lives in this building.”




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