Saudi Arabia .. Publication of a 62-year-old photo embodying Riyadh’s support for Algeria against the occupation



Saudi and Algerian securities

Today, the King Abdulaziz House published a picture of a postage stamp bearing the phrase “Algeria Day”, issued in 1958, and it embodies “Saudi support for the Algerian people in their struggle against French colonialism.”

The institution specialized in serving the history and heritage of the Kingdom said that the issuance of the stamp coincided with the allocation of Saudi Arabia one day to collect donations in support of the Algerians resisting the occupation, “in an incident that confirms the great role of the Kingdom in supporting the causes of the Arab nation.”

The Foundation published another tweet showing the visit of the late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz to Algeria in 1970, and its reception by the late President Houari Boumediene.

On Sunday, Algeria celebrates the 58th anniversary of independence from the French occupation after a colonialism that lasted 132 years, and ended after a revolution that lasted 7 years, during which more than a million Algerians fell.

Source: RT


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