Saudi Arabia jumps 9 qualitative centers in the e-government index and 40 centers in the digital infrastructure


The Kingdom has made a quantum leap in the United Nations index “for the development of e-government”, advanced 9 places in the world to be within the higher classification of the e-government development index, which includes 139 countries according to Was.
The Kingdom’s achievement of this center came as a result of supporting the unlimited leadership of the communications and information technology sector, which represented a qualitative leap for the Kingdom by 40 centers on the sub-index in the “digital infrastructure” to be ranked 27th in the world, and eighth in the G-20 countries, As for the sub-index “human capital”, the Kingdom advanced 15 places to 35th globally, and 10th in the G20 countries, while Riyadh ranked 10th in the world in terms of sub-technology index and the 31st globally in intercity competitiveness.
On this occasion, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Engineer Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawahha said that this achievement is a result of the outputs of the national transformation program and reflects the progress that the Kingdom has reached in its transformational journey in building a coherent present for an innovative future, indicating that the leaps achieved by the Kingdom in the index came as a result of synergy The efforts of many government agencies, and the adoption of modern digital methods by launching many initiatives and products that feed into the process of government digital transformation in the Kingdom, to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.


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