Saudi Arabia interferes in Yemen: paranoia and lust for tyranny


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In ancient times, Yemen had known an ancient civilization, especially in the era of the Kingdom of Sheba. It was named in the era of the Romans in a happy Yemen, and most of the time it was semi-independent due to its geographical location and rugged lands. Over time, Saudi Arabia had coveted political control over Yemen, since 1939 it launched an aggressive war On this neighboring country, however, the aggression against Yemen increased in severity and severity during the era of Muhammad bin Salman, a devastating war that lasted 6 years, which is seen as the worst humanitarian crisis in our modern era, estimates of the dead range between 10 thousand to 70 thousand dead, the majority of whom are Yemenis, According to international reports, the Saudi-led air strikes killed two thirds of this number, and the outcome of 4 years of fighting across Yemen is very horrific. More than 6,700 children have been killed by the Saudi war machine, and many of them live in miserable situations far from childhood.
Today in Yemen there are 7 million children who sleep every night while they are hungry and every day 400,000 children face the threat of acute malnutrition and are at risk of death at any moment due to the war waged by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques on the Yemeni people, more than 2 million children do not go to school As for those who go to it, they receive very low education. Human history is replete with many tragic events and bloody devastating wars, which occurred in various parts of the world caused by outbreaks of rulers affected by madness and psychological diseases, and the Arab world did not escape this phenomenon, there are Arab rulers who are sick with paranoia, lust for tyranny, love of leadership and control of their people, and trying to occupy countries Neighboring by force of arms, this phenomenon is caused by mental disorders or negatives and a lack of education since childhood or social relations, which means the tyrant feels pleasure while watching others suffer and suffer in their lives, types of torment, deprivation, poverty, oppression and persecution.
This phenomenon is always linked to crimes against humanity committed by despotic tyrants against their political opponents, this phenomenon exists throughout human history and in all times, and each tyrant has his own brutal, bloody method, which he uses against his people, and does not leave the tyrant an institution or any field of civil, or military life Out of his influence and control, using all the economic, social, political and media institutions of the state to serve him, and the level of tyranny and tyranny reaches to the reduction of everything in his personality, and everything that revolves around him stems from his presence, and there is no other person competing with him, and if this competing person finds his fate Imprisonment or physical liquidation, if necessary. The tyrant has delusions and fantasies that suggest that he is threatened from the outside, and sees the world around him as an enemy lying in wait for him, and a feeling of intimidation arises from enemies who only exist in his imagination, and if they are not in reality he works to find them in his mind so he is always very careful, wherever He resolved and departed surrounded by his guards, never tolerating his opponents, sensitive, anxious and quick to accuse others of lying to him and plotting against him, and supporting his killing to overthrow his regime, while others only want freedom and to live in security and safety.

America deals with the tyrant, but when she feels that her political and economic interests are threatened, she will abandon him and throw him away

The tyrant tyrant presents himself as an absolute personality in which contradictions meet, as he pretends to be strong, strong and brave, but at the time of seriousness and confrontation it fades and melts like a piece of snow, escapes from decisive situations, immature and does not realize that life has difficulties and problems that must be faced so the tyrant escapes from responsibility, He hits his opponents with an iron hand, without pity, and at the same time he does not hesitate to wear the dress of a loving father who loves his people, kindly to the citizens. And the ruler, who suffers from paranoia and lust for tyranny, seems outwardly sound, in terms of mental ability, but builds his analyzes on imagination and delusions, and this is a difficult disease to treat, which was present with dictators in dictatorial regimes, and the most prominent example of this is the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who was called a magazine The British “Times” is the name of “the greatest dictator” and Mussolini in Italy, Joseph Stalin in Russia, where during his reign he killed 49 million Russians, equivalent to 40 thousand people killed every week, and the bukasa emperor mad in Central Africa, who was eating human flesh, and the Cambodian dictator General Paul Pot The leader of the Khmer Rouge movement, killed nearly 3 million citizens in 1967, Muammar Gaddafi, and other tyrants who were building all their political behaviors on unrealistic illusions and incidents, that do not exist on the ground, the tyrant lives in a world that is not aware of his people, when the revolution broke out Islamic Iran in 1979 at the hands of Imam Khomeini, the Shah of Iran Muhammad Reza Pahlavi did not believe what is happening in the Iranian street of mass demonstrations and popular protests, was calling for his downfall, so he went up to the helicopter to verify the authenticity of the news of the revolution, and this Evidence of delusions, pride, transcendence, a sense of greatness and vanity, in which the Shah lived away from the concerns of the people, on January 16, 1979 the Shah of Iran left his authority, and he did not return to it forever, he moved from one country to another, and the Jimmy Carter administration reluctantly accepted it from For the sake of treatment, the America that was supporting him abandoned him under the pressure of the political street, and the weak Shah was forced to leave America for Panama and then to Egypt. The tyrant does not believe in change. When a journalist asked Romanian Nicolas Ceausescu, if the demonstrations in Romanian cities will lead to change, and does he fear that things will develop for the worse, he said: There is nothing of what you say, and he went on to reckon mockingly, saying: “There will be no change in Romania, unless the oak trees turned into fig trees. ”And only four days after this statement, the tyrant was arrested on the run with his wife, and they were executed by firing squad.
America deals with the tyrant, but when she feels that her political and economic interests are threatened and abandoned and thrown into the garbage, Sadat was killed by bullets of dissident soldiers, and he paid the price of treason and normalization with Israel, and the military remained for decades decades controlling political life in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and military rule contributed In Egypt in the occurrence of painful events, the most important of which was the killing of the martyr Muhammad Mursi, the first legally elected president, and the most serious painful incidents during the era of Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Turkish consulate in Istanbul with the help of Israeli intelligence, and history records other similar tragic events that occurred In the Arab world, we mention the liquidation of the left-wing fighter, Mahdi Ben Barka, in the French capital, Paris in 1965, and the fate of his body is still unknown to this day, and the disappearance of Imam Musa al-Sadr in Libya during the Qaddafi era, and the killing of Algerian President Mohamed Boudiaf, while delivering a speech on the podium by the generals In the Algerian military system. It is embarrassing to compare the greats of history with symbols of freedom, justice and equality such as Omar Al-Mukhtar and lawyer Mahatma Gandhi who managed to expel foreign colonialism from their country with dictators, enemies of freedom and democracy.

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