Saudi Arabia: A wedding hall turns into a funeral due to the death of the groom, moments before his arrival




A wedding hall turns into a funeral after the groom dies moments before he arrives

Saudi media said that a wedding hall in the village of Al-Shahaiba of Al-Ula governorate in the Kingdom, had turned into a funeral after the attendees received the news of the death of a young man who was on his way to his wedding.

The details of the traumatic story are back, according to the newspaper “Urgent” Saudi Arabia until last Friday, when the 31-year-old Hamdan Ayed Al-Balawi suffered a terrible traffic accident after colliding with another car head-to-head, which led to his death moments before his arrival at the wedding ceremony venue.

The groom’s cousin said that the young man Hamdan traveled from Tabuk to the village of Al-Shaybaa, located in Al-Ula Governorate, where he was on his way to the headquarters of his marriage ceremony in the village, via the Badi’a Road, which is known for its gravity due to frequent zigzags.

He added in his narration of the incident: “After the village of Al-Far’a … While he was about to reach Al-Shuhaiba, he had a head-on collision with another car carrying residents who were injured, but Hamdan’s injury was more serious because he was in his head and he died because of it.”

The sad scene in the story of the young Hamdan was at 8:40 pm on the night of his marriage when the Aborakah General Hospital announced his death, bringing the tragic news of his parents and siblings in the hall of joy, amid the collapse of those present.

Source: newspaper “Urgent” Saudi


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