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Muscat – YouthEvery day Samsung dazzles its customers and fans of the brand Galaxy with a group of advanced technology in its smartphones..and this time Samsung launched a new series of phones Galaxy S20 And that includes Galaxy S20 AndGalaxy S20+ AndGalaxy S20 Ultra Which features the feature of accurate video shooting 8K The advanced and innovative that will develop your method and experience in photographing and taking photos, in addition to technology 5G That will speed your way to share it.

Add to that the protection system Samsung Knox, Smart battery, powerful processor, and massive storage, with phonesGalaxy S20 You will discover a new world of mobile phones.

Next is the fifth generation

I designed a series of phones Galaxy S20 Smart to keep up with the future of communications, my device has been supplied Galaxy S20+ And Galaxy S20 Ultra With fifth generation communication capabilities 5G To be on a date with an enjoyable experience that exceeds all expectations by enjoying live broadcasts and smooth video chats with the ones you love, the ability to create augmented reality content and share games at high speeds without any delay..

This is a camera … but it has huge capabilities

The camera is the backbone of phones and has become indispensable … and therefore offers a series of phones Galaxy S20 The new unparalleled super camera combines the superior capabilities of artificial intelligence with the exceptional advantages of the largest image sensor from Samsung ever, to enable users to take pictures with amazing accuracy and quality.

Camera resolution starts from 64 megapixel in my phone Galaxy S20 AndGalaxy S20+ And up to MP 108 in a phone Galaxy S20 Ultra

Up to 100 times … you will know the meaning of enlarging the scene

The new range of phones features technology Space Zoom Which enables users to zoom the scene up to 100 times with super accuracy, and photograph the world with the highest possible quality, at any time of the day and in any environment without affecting the quality and purity of the images.

In low-light mode, the professional camera system takes multiple pictures at once, and then combines them into a dazzling image without any confusion, and thanks to the larger image sensors and artificial intelligence technology, you will notice that switching to night mode allows you to shoot more clear night scenes.

Vidiously 8K More like a movie

In addition to stunning images, this camera enables you to shoot amazing video clips also, with precision 8KThanks, feature Super Steady Users can depict their surroundings with true-to-life colors and superior quality, to make videos clearer, and the stabilizer and larger stabilizer work. anti-rolling I have to balance the camera movement so that your image does not appear distorted and unstable, but rather smooth.

Also, there is a whole new way to take photos, when you shoot video accurately 8KYou can convert every video scene in HD to resolution 33MP, Where you can round them as you like and they’ll stay visible for the life.


A battery that won’t let you down..It lasts and lasts

The public has always complained of batteries on various phones but devices Galaxy S20 Features powerful batteries up to mAh 5000 It is also smart as it adapts to the habits that you follow with the mobile phone, in order to save energy and continue for as long as possible once it is charged once..

Photo store … unparalleled capacity

Phones are designed Galaxy S20| S20+| S20 Ultra Based on the powerful camera, so it is equipped with a massive storage capacity to save your videos and photos in high definition that enables you to keep them on the phone for the rest of your life, starting from GB128 internal storage capacity up to GB512, you can also increase the memory capacity with a card microSD to get to 1.5TB This makes the phone an image store comparable to any laptop.

A phone is availableGalaxy S20 Ultra 5G

New color which is white cloud

A phone is available Galaxy S20+

Two new colors, Cloud Blue and Cloud Red

And if you buy any of them now, you will get a free headphone +Galaxy Buds For a value of RO 52.9, the offer is valid until 31 July 2020

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