Samsung begins developing the sixth generation network at a speed of 1 terabyte per second


Samsung has announced what the future can hold for its very popular smartphones, and set out its vision for 6G networks that target incredible download speeds.

Samsung wants to reach a speed of terabytes per second, which is equivalent to 1000 GB, which makes 6G 50 times faster than 5G, and this enables the user to download a full-length Hollywood movie in 4K Ultra HD in less than a second, according to the site “rtlnieuws” “.

These high speeds will also be able to fill every inch of available hard disk space on upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles in one second. You will be able to download a backup of every application, image, video and message stored on your iPhone in less than a second.

And while Samsung 6G networks are launching, movie and game downloads are likely to be much larger than they are now. 6G technology can be useful for 8K TVs, which currently lack the original 8K content to watch due to slow broadband speeds.

Given that the average download speeds for 4G are around 10MB, the download speeds that Samsung is targeting at 6G may be a revolution in the world of internet speeds.

“While 6G marketing is still in its initial stage, it is never too early to start preparing for 6G because it usually takes about 10 years from the start of research to market a new generation of Samsung,” said Chung Huen Choi, head of Samsung’s Center for Advanced Communications Research. Communication Technology”

He added: “We have already launched research and development of 6G technologies by building on the experience and accumulated capacity we have from working on multiple generations of communications technology, including 6G and from now on, we are committed to developing 6G technology in cooperation with various stakeholders in various industrial fields. Academic and government. ”

And Samsung announced that it expects to begin work on building a standard for 6G next year, which could be completed work early in the year 2028. Samsung added that the new network will then be introduced to consumers in 2030.


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