Samoud Al-Kandari announces that she is away from acting, and these are her reasons


The Kuwaiti actress surprised The steadfastness of Kandari Her followers on Snapchat, by announcing her to stay away from acting and not to participate in any of Artistical works In the coming years.

Samoud Kandari retires from acting temporarily

She said The steadfastness of Kandari In a video she posted on Snapchat that she is retiring from acting but will remain in the field of production, as she will not participate in any of the artworks in the coming years, saying: “I will disappear the next year and the next and after and during the coming years.”

And on the reason for her temporary retirement from acting, Samoud Al-Kandari said that she has special works that she wants to devote to her without revealing what she is, stressing that what she gained during her 13-year work in art is the public’s love for her.

Sumud Al Kandari added: “Lord, love is always, and I hope that the years you spent with you on the screen are light for you.”

Is the steadfastness of Kandari pregnant?

Samoud Al-Kandari published an image that appeared to be from “Sonar” and next to her a young child’s shoes, without commenting on the shot with any words. However, some people speculated that she might announce her pregnancy in this way and this is the reason behind her away from acting in the coming period.

The marriage of steadfastness Al-Kandari

Many fans of Samoud Al-Kandari did not know her marital status, until she announced herself in 2018 when she asked her questions via the “Stories” feature on Instagram, is she Married or not? Here she answered in the affirmative.

It is well known that Al-Kandari has persevered that she is discreet about her personal life, and this is what she confirmed by herself by saying that she prefers to give her family the required privacy and it is not necessary to publish special matters about her, as she is only satisfied with advertising her artwork.

Haya and her daughters series

It is mentioned that Samoud Al-Kandari was exposed to a problem during the presentation of episodes a series “Haya and her daughters” in Ramadan 2020, because of what was reported about the appearance of an Ethiopian worker fleeing at work.

Fatt Samoud Al-Kandari denied the rumors that the worker who appeared in the events of the series “Haya and her daughters” is fleeing from her sponsor years ago, indicating that she will resort to the law in order to take her right from these false allegations.


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