Samira Tawfiq in the UAE, how her health became! – picture


A few days ago, the able Lebanese artist, Samira Tawfiq, traveled to the Emirates to undergo a heart catheterization procedure in a hospital in Abu Dhabi.

The operation was coordinated with her doctor from Lebanon, Paul Charbel.

Her sister’s daughter, Lina Radwan, documented the moment her aunt arrived at the airport, and she was sad to see the Beirut airport overflowing.

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Lina just came back and posted pictures of the able Samira on the hospital bed and reassured her fans of her health.

I wrote: (There is a simple symptom in the heart, but its repetition scared the doctors … The bidder who happened to her did not reassure everyone, so they approved her admission to the hospital, meaning Cleveland, here in Abu Dhabi, the hospital where she was treated since the foundation was established in the Emirates at the request of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, may God protect him).

She continued: (Today the catheter was, the catheter did not frighten as is customary, but the doctors expected greater results, and the results were not the expectations).

Samira added: (The joy and care of the doctors was great for the safety of Samira Tawfiq today, the nurses, the hospital and everyone else).

Samira Tawfik
Samira Tawfik
Samira Tawfiq on the hospital bed


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