Saint-Germain is the French Cup champion


Brazilian striker # Neymar granted his team Paris Saint-Germain its thirteenth title in the French Cup soccer competition by scoring the only goal of the match against Saint-Etienne 1-0, in the final at Saint-Denis on the outskirts of the French capital, which is the first official match in France since March 10 In the past, following the suspension of spherical activity, due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

Neymar’s goal came in the 13th minute when he used a rebound from the goalkeeper to follow at the net.

St. Germain will play the League Cup final next Saturday against Lyon before participating in the Champions League next month, where he will meet in the quarter-finals with Italian Atalanta.

However, the capital team lost the efforts of its attacker, Killian Mbappe, who sustained an ankle injury due to violent interference from captain Saint-Etienne Luik Piran, who was running his last official match before retiring completely, and was sentenced to dismissal after reviewing the video with the video assist technology (VAR) in 25 minutes for his team to complete the match with ten players.

In spite of the numerical deficiency in the ranks of Saint-Etienne, who was running his first final in the cup since he lost to St. Germain in particular on penalties in 1982, the latter was unable to add any goal.

The activity of the local league in France stopped on the tenth of March, before the game authorities announced in late April the cancellation of the season and the crowning of Paris Saint-Germain as a champion.

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