Russian doctors head to the “Vostochny” space airport to prevent the spread of Corona



A team of Russian doctors and biologists went to the Russian space airport “Vostochny” to combat and prevent the spread of the new Corona virus there.

“A group of doctors and specialists of our agency will arrive, on a private plane, to the said airport, to prevent an outbreak of Covid-19 disease,” a source in the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency said today.

The same plane is transporting personal protective equipment, medicine and equipment.

The group of specialists is chaired by Mikhail Ratmanov, head of the Health and Industrial Medicine department of the Federal Biomedical Agency.

According to available data as of July 17, no cases of coronavirus were recorded at the airport itself, but 52 cases of the virus were detected, in the “Zyolkovsky” residential center near the space airport.

Source: Tass


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