Researchers achieve a major breakthrough through “ghost galaxy”!


Wednesday 15 July 2020 21:03

Investigators have investigated how to achieve morphology Massive black holes (SMBH), a breakthrough with some modern technical tools for magnifying a nearby galaxy like never before.
How the SMBHs formed has long puzzled the scientific community. To answer this particular question, astronomers and astrophysicists have searched for the smallest SMBH block they can find.

A research team led by Cardiff University scientists believe that they made a very close discovery, after using advanced technology that allowed them to enlarge their SMBH target.

“It appears that SMBH in Mirach’s Ghost, has a mass within the range predicted by direct collapse models,” said Dr. Tim Davis of Cardiff University’s School of Physics and Astronomy. In other words, SMBHs are titans of the early universe.

Indeed, Mirach’s Ghost is a neighboring galaxy named after its proximity to the superstar Mirach, which nurtures the galaxy with astonishing glow.
Although this is not a final answer in one way or another, Davis says, who described SMBH as an “active gas”, it strongly suggests that SMBHs formed in the early universe and did not develop from smaller black holes.

The current prevailing theory is that there is SMBH in the core of almost all large galaxies in the universe, including the Milky Way.

Using the Atacama Large Millimeter / subillimeter Array in Chile, with these advanced magnification techniques, which can reveal details only over 1.5 light-years in distant galaxies, scientists acquire a more detailed picture of the universe around us and how it formed.

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