Report warns … neo-Nazis order their followers to spread corona between Muslims and Jews


A report published by the British Anti-Extremism Committee warnedThe Commission for Countering Extremism) That extremist groups are taking advantage of the Corona epidemic to undermine minorities, and that those described as neo-Nazis are encouraging their followers to deliberately infect the virus to Muslims and Jews in Britain.

Research carried out by the British government committee revealed that extremist groups from different walks of life use the epidemic to develop feelings of hatred and spread conspiracy theories that fuel their vision of the world.

“We have received reports that right-wing British activists and groups of neo-Nazis are publishing anti-minority rhetoric, by encouraging Internet users to pass on infection to minorities,” the committee said in the report, released Thursday morning.

She warned that extreme right-wing politicians and far-right websites have used the epidemic to spread their anti-immigrant message, and to normalize intolerance and hatred toward ethnic and religious minorities.

The British newspaper The Independent reported that it has monitored numerous publications on channels of right-wing extremist groups on social media celebrating reports of high death rates among racial and ethnic minorities due to infection with the Corona virus in the United Kingdom.

She noted that a group of neo-Nazis commented on health advice that was distributed to Muslims by saying “We hope that they ignore this notice.” Others have sought to blame Muslims for the virus, and have posted fabricated videos claiming that places of worship have not complied with the closure procedures.

Conditions conducive to extremism

According to the report of the Committee to Combat Extremism, there is fear that the isolation imposed by the closure as a result of the Corona epidemic has contributed to making people more vulnerable to the discourse of extremism, spending most of their time on the Internet and becoming more isolated.

The report pointed out that the repercussions of the pandemic may create conditions for extremism, and that extremist groups may take advantage of the social and economic impacts of the epidemic to cause more instability, fear and division in the long run in Britain.

The committee urged the British government to expedite the development of a new strategy to combat extremism, and also called on the official authorities and social media companies to take action to combat misleading content and hate speech on the Internet, after a study revealed that 90% of posts on social media that contain Wrong information that is not deleted when reported.


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