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Yanbu, 14 Dhu Al-Qi’dah 1441 AH corresponding to 05 July 2020 CE
Prepared by: Hamed usual
Yanbu has established itself in the minds of the people of the Kingdom as an industrial city only, but in addition to that civilizational description, it is a historic city surrounded by the distinctive environmental beauty overlooking the sea coast, and Yanbu Lake stands out as one of the distinctive tourist destinations that a visitor can spend fun time on its sides.
The city of Yanbu is the first smart city in the Kingdom and is located on the west coast, west of the Medina, overlooking the Red Sea, and its lake is also an ideal environment, a breather and a tourist destination for families and visitors; With its waterfalls with wonderful night lighting, green landscapes, aesthetic figures and children’s playgrounds.
This lake is 3 km from the Red Sea, and is similar in design to natural lakes in terms of area and encloses palm trees and trees at irregular distances; To simulate the natural environment and create balance in all parts of the lake consisting of two separate islands, one of which is connected outside the lake with a pier, and the other is entered through a wooden bridge.
The lake includes green areas with an area of ​​21276 square meters, trees and palms with a number of 373 and about 1590 shrubs, and a number of different areas that have been designated for the enjoyment of hikers on the shores of the lake and the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds the place, while 4 small waterfalls with wonderful night lighting were installed, in addition to a walkway that extends over the entire lakes .
The lake has 172 parking spaces, including 8 for disabled people, in addition to children’s playgrounds.
The location of the lake, which has a size of 2982 square meters, was used to take advantage of its nature and the surrounding elements such as the green belt, the green surfaces that cover all parts of the lake, and the fountains in the middle of the lake form a breathtaking natural landscape, as it constantly replenishes it with water while protecting it from pollutants by moving the water to avoid Its stagnation also provides the necessary oxygen to the fish, turtles, and birds that inhabit them and between the branches of their various plants.
The lake is continuously fed with water while protecting it from pollutants by installing fountains that do two important functions together, providing a scenic landscape of water flow, as it is used for ventilation as it moves the water constantly to avoid stagnation and renewal of water and work to provide the necessary oxygen to the fish and birds that live in it and the branches of its plants Miscellaneous.
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