Report: Foreign transactions, Dubai stocks snapped, compared to their sales in Abu Dhabi, within a week


Direct – Inas BahjatForeign transactions in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi financial markets varied by the end of the week, amid announcements of negative business results for major companies in the markets.

According to a statistic conducted by “Mubasher” based on official data issued by the financial markets, foreign investors in the two markets (Dubai / Abu Dhabi) recorded a total of purchases of 422.53 million dirhams, compared to total sales amounting to about 467.88 million dirhams.

According to the data, foreigners recorded net purchases on the Dubai Stock Exchange at 313.48 million dirhams, while net sales of foreigners on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange amounted to 45.66 million dirhams.

The total sales of foreigners in the Dubai Financial Market amounted to 8.02 million dirhams, compared to purchases of 8.33 million dirhams, according to the statistic.

As for the UAE capital market, foreigners made sales that amounted to 459.86 million dirhams, while they made purchases worth 414.20 million dirhams.

The UAE financial markets gained about 9.15 billion dirhams in 5 sessions, but the main indicators were somewhat affected by the negative business results announced during the week’s trading.

And the Dubai Financial Market declined marginally to reach its level at 2052.65 points, compared to its level at 2052.67 points, with a loss of 0.02 points from the index.

The market value of Dubai shares at the end of the week was 292.692 billion dirhams, compared to the previous week of 292.01 billion dirhams, with market profits of 682 million dirhams.

While the general index of the capital market, “Abu Dhabi”, fell 0.3 percent per week to the level of 4261.06 points, compared to the previous week at 4274.46 points, losing 13.4 points.

The market value of Abu Dhabi shares recorded 603.78 billion dirhams, compared to about 595.31 billion dirhams, with gains of 8.47 billion dirhams.


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