Report: China may retaliate against Nokia and Ericsson if Europe ban Huawei


Libya News direct: According to a press report, China is considering retaliation against “Nokia” and “Ericsson” telecom equipment manufacturers if the European Union follows the United States and Britain in banning Huawei from developing the “5G” network.

The United Kingdom announced last week that it would ban the use of Huawei equipment in the “5G” network starting from the end of this year.

The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources on Monday as saying that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce was studying export controls that would prevent “Ericsson” and “Nokia” from sending the products it makes in China to other countries.

The sources pointed out that this countermeasures would be the worst scenario that Beijing would not use unless European countries were severely exposed to Chinese suppliers and banned them from the “5G” network.

So far, the European Union has not issued a decision to impose a ban on “Huawei”, but announced a so-called “toolkit” of security standards that member states must apply while using suppliers who may pose a high risk of establishing “5G” networks.

Swedish company “Ericsson” and “Finnish” Nokia are among the direct beneficiaries of the US-led campaign against Huawei.

See the news in the source directly (Economy)


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