Report / Al-Ghad Society for Youth aims to raise the level of “youth skills”, the Saudi News Agency


Riyadh, 24 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1441 AH, corresponding to 15 July 2020 AD, SPA
Prepared by: Kholoud Al-Dakhil
At a time when the world celebrates today, July 15, the International Day for “Youth Skills”, in which it highlights the importance of investing in and developing ambitious development skills, and the concrete efforts in achieving a sustainable and stable society, and creating job opportunities with advanced ideas in line with the era of progress and opportunity For cultural exchange between countries that chart a prosperous future and support the global economy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has presented many young men and women programs and initiatives that have enriched their knowledge side and strengthened their local and international presence in all areas of life, and this comes through developing the education system and introducing committees, programs and institutions that It is concerned with supporting the skills of youth, especially the role of bodies and ministries – each in relation to it – to achieve the biggest goals that contribute to raising the level of youth, which was already reflected at the level of young men and women in the Kingdom, which highlighted many of the names that have advanced in several areas.
Young people are the pillar of the present and the men of tomorrow and the strength of the future, and they are a real human wealth, and the main pillar in the progress and construction of every society, because of their strength and activity and they carry within them many energies and creativity that have no limits if the conditions and stimulating and supportive environment are created for them, and many of them were able to change and create Plans, systems and visions of countries through the transmission of messages and endeavors of interest to society through social media, have reached officials and contributed significantly to their progress and development.
Hence, the world on July 15 every year celebrates the International Day of “Youth Skills” in which the sons and daughters of the country have registered many achievements, and their role as a partner in the visions, responsibilities and aspirations that go in remarkable steps to achieve the goals and vision of the Kingdom 2030 led by His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense – may God protect him – as the Kingdom began with the support and follow-up of the wise leadership since 2008 AD to create an umbrella grouping of Saudi youth and carries with it a set of programs and activities directed to serve the community and motivate them to pay attention to public affairs, In addition to cooperating with various civil society institutions within other goals, and giving them a greater opportunity because of their belief that they are capable, and will lead to providing a skilled workforce that will lead the country to sustainable development that resulted in the launch of a Saudi youth forum, and in 2009 the first youth forum was launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, and in the year 2012 AD the convoy of tomorrow’s youth was launched as the first convoy, and in 2014 AD it was adopted as an official association registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs as the first association for youth in the country The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a “tomorrow’s society for youth” to achieve the goals of the nation’s ambition and tomorrow to be a reference for any ambitious young man and confident in his capabilities and aware of his values ​​and a good example and contribute effectively to the development of society, and through a system of youth initiatives and programs and integration with local and international efforts launched various initiatives to develop their capabilities Building their capabilities and developing a culture of social responsibility.
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Report / Al-Ghad Youth Association aims to raise the level of “youth skills” / a first addition
In this regard, Her Highness Princess Nof Bint Faisal bin Turki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ghad Association for Youth, explained that the motive in establishing the association is the development of the nation and the promotion of young men and women, and the beginning of the idea was to organize a forum for the development and exchange of experiences in investment for women, but during one of his organizational meetings he reviewed that The percentage of youth in the Kingdom represents 70% of society, then everyone agreed to change the idea of ​​the forum topic and allocate it to young men and women because they are the promising tomorrow and the real investment for the country. The first tomorrow forum was organized in 2009 AD, and it was followed two years later (the second tomorrow forum) in 2011 under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in which he announced the founding of the Al-Ghad Youth Association.
Her Highness indicated that the association is not a pastoral institution, but its role is in initiatives and projects that promote building an ambitious young person with values, knowledge, quality of work, commitment and love of the homeland, through workshops for youth of the homeland from all regions of the Kingdom to know and define what impedes the activation of their capabilities and what motivates and achieves their empowerment to the role The hoped-for and effective impact on achieving sustainable development, exchanging ideas and benefiting from successful experiences.
Her Highness continued: It is through the grace of God and through the forum that one of the association’s goals was achieved, by enhancing the confidence of young people themselves and then seeking to learn, know and make efforts to enlighten and develop, and by this we all saw that efficiency without values ​​establishes demolition rather than building and developing, so we initiated the founding of the “Tomorrow Center for Values” using one of International centers whose goals focus on measuring values ​​in societies so that their promotion in the homelands is based on study and research by supporting the strategies of countries for their development.
The center also carried out a comprehensive national study of the values ​​represented by the Saudi citizen, which is the first national study to determine the values ​​representing the identity of the Saudi citizen, in 2016 AD, and this measurement was provided to all governmental and private institutions of the country as a contribution from the association to the development of the country rich in Saudi Arab Islamic values, then the Musk Charitable Foundation The project is currently being adopted and transformed from the “Tomorrow Center for Values” to the “Center for Keeping Values”.
Her Highness added: The association also launched the “Tomorrow’s Caravan for Youth” and the first start of the caravan from Riyadh was under the gracious patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – may God protect him – on April 2, 2012, where the idea of ​​the caravan is based on a meeting of youth representatives From all regions of the Kingdom (young men and women) in a two-day meeting to visit the landmarks of the region, then an open meeting was held with the region’s governor and officials and the most important initiatives, ideas and discussions were presented in five of the kingdom’s regions (Makkah, Hail, and Madinah) Al-Madinah Al-Munawara, the Eastern Region, and the Jizan Region. Also, one of the initiatives adopted by the association is the launch of the (Youth Thinking Council), which is the first youth council to enable the Al-Ghad Youth Association to build quality programs, and create a qualitative impact at the societal level through permanent access to developments in youth issues, in addition to Youth developments, cultural and social mobility, and the national economy.
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Report / Al-Ghad Youth Association aims to raise the level of “youth skills” / a second and final addition
Her Highness also indicated that during this period the association is working to launch the initiative (the Tomorrow Center for Youth Policies), as it will be the first center specialized in youth studies at the level of the Middle East, and the center will be specialized in youth policies to support government and private sector institutions in achieving what was drawn up by the strategic plan of each institution From activating the role of youth in development, motivating and enhancing their abilities to work with quality and creativity.
Tomorrow’s Youth Association worked to establish a national event that enhances national affiliation, by sailing in the historical depth of this land, understanding its present and developing its future, and this event has been called (a glorious biography that fulfills its history because we are a great glory to our achievement because we Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman – may God have mercy on him – and his sons the men of the nation – may God have mercy on them – to unite and establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and establish a firm state with its constitution, the Qur’an and the noble prophetic sunna for the participation of the youth of the country, values ​​of loyalty, concepts of patriotism, and patriotism, in addition to the effectiveness of (Oceania) in 2018, which is A youth event aimed at bringing young entrepreneurs under one umbrella in a specific discipline with investors and interested parties.
And finally, “Jadwa”, a cultural artistic activity that searched for talents and capabilities in the young generation and contributed to refining and containing them, working to exchange them, and presenting them to society in an appropriate and constructive way, and creating a space for exploring and developing these hobbies and capabilities.
Her Highness concluded with a general message to the community that everyone, families and institutions support all these youth capabilities through dialogue, motivation and encouragement for training and gain expertise and creativity to keep up with aspirations, especially in front of an ambitious national vision 2030, to raise the rate of employment of Saudi youth significantly to ensure a productive and stimulating work environment, and God is certain for what is in it Good for religion and home.
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