Reluctance to buy Jazan fish … and fishermen reveal the reasons – Saudi Arabia News


Jizan fishermen suffered huge losses during and after the Corona virus pandemic crisis. They told Okaz that the pandemic caused them losses due to lack of supply and high prices, which led to the reluctance of customers to buy, and due to exaggeration, the selling activity stopped in the previous period, as the price of a kilo of dirk fish ranged between 60 – 70 riyals and eggs between 40 – 50 riyals . Fish prices record fictional numbers of up to 1500 riyals in the forestry near the fishermen’s berth, and what attracts attention is the large numbers of expatriate workers who monopolize the site and sell at prices that suit them.According to Hussein Ibrahim, the fish market is booming significantly with the holiday season due to the demand from tourists coming from outside the region, and in the current vacation, the crowds have completely vanished, which negatively affected the purchasing movement, while Ali Ahmed calls on the relevant authorities to monitor the prices of fish, especially the jazz, which is characterized by taste Thin and fresh.


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