Reem Mustafa: The public will hate me for this reason … I went through harsh exercises


Actress involvedReem MustafaIn the series “Seriously Serious”, which is shown on a digital platform, and is scheduled to be presented in parts, each part is composed of 7 episodes.
Reem was very enthusiastic about the work, and considered it an important step for her, especially as she is fighting action for the first time through work, and she participates in the seriesAhmed Al-AwadiوRiad El-Khouly​، ​Hady Al-Gayar​، ​Mahmoud Hegazy​، ​Nahed Roushdy​، ​Hamza Al-Aili, Hosni ShetaKhaled Kamal, Authored by Muhammad Syed Bashir and directedHussam Ali​.
The “Art” site had a conversation with Reem, in which she talked about experience, behind the scenes of work, and preparing for difficult scenes in it.

Initially, what about the reactions to the “Seriously Serious” series after its presentation?
I am happy with the experience and the work, and the first episodes of the series achieved a wide and wide resonance, despite its presentation on an electronic platform, and the audience is very enthusiastic and integrated with the events, and is waiting for what will happen in the next episodes.

How was your preparation for the character?
The actor Ahmed Al-Awadi and I exercised a lot, because we wanted to get the work out appropriately and with different actions, so the preparations were very harsh, and we always practiced even during filming, and the trainer Tahoun was responsible for my training and training of all the team.

Who nominated you to participate in the series?
The nomination came through the actor Ahmed Al-Awadi, who presented me with the idea of ​​the series and was enthusiastic about the work a lot, especially since it was action, and I wanted to present this color a while ago, and the idea of ​​the series presented by Mohamed Sayed Bashir is very good, and I liked to have a role in it.

As you say action and action difficult scenes, what about the situations that you suffered during the filming and do not forget?
I was injured while filming a scene in the castle, I slipped on the ground, and in the winter, I was injured in my knee and I am still suffering from this injury, and I am undergoing physical therapy.

What do you think of viewing the series on an electronic platform?
I liked very much the idea that the series is made up of 7 episodes, and a lot of people are now turning to electronic platforms, and there are many experiences that have proven successful on electronic platforms, and despite my fear at the beginning of the reactions, I expected the series to achieve great success, especially as we We worked hard to get it out to fit the audience.

You are making an action for the first time, are you not afraid to experiment?
A little bit, but the enthusiasm was often, I was excited about the experience, and for a while I wanted to go into action, and found all the good ingredients in “very dangerous”.

After the great success you achieved in the “Will” series, what is the secret behind your disappearance from the TV scene?
I decided to take a break, because the TV business is taking a lot of effort, and I also wanted to focus on the cinematic side more.

You also participate in the movie “Spider” with the actorAhmed El Sakka, Tell us about your work experience.
I loved being in the movie and working with the actor Ahmed El-Sakka, and I finished filming all of my viewers, and we are waiting for the show to work, and Ahmed Nader Jalal is one of the directors I loved working with.

What about your character in the movie?
I present the character of a girl who deals in drugs, with a big evil inside and bad qualities that will make the audience hate me when watching the series.


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