Real Madrid news: Will losing City against Arsenal increase Real’s chances?


Sport 360 – Many did not expect it to succeed Arsenal To excel at Manchester City Two goals without a response in the FA Cup half, Lovers of jeans They were not optimistic about yesterday’s match because of their bad memories against the Pep Guardiola battalion, both with Barcelona Or Bayern Munich or CityBut the result on the field was more than happy for them.

On the other side, I picked up Real Madrid fans The news of the fall of the city, with a look of optimism and anticipation, is part of Madridista They raised their hopes of the possibility of overcoming City on the principle of “Why not ?! While another part went more than that, the inevitable superior of Zidane’s regiment was superior to Pep Guardiola’s battalion.

Real Madrid, with its great history, and its current positive formation capabilities in midfield and defense, there is no doubt that he has the opportunity to outpace Manchester City, but this does not mean that the opportunity is great or that his qualification is guaranteed, because there are 3 fundamental differences between the Real match against City, compared to Against Arsenal yesterday:

1- Real Madrid enters the return match against Manchester City in its stronghold, Al-Ittihad, with a score of 1-2, which means that the Real is required to score two goals and not receive goals until he crosses to the next round, or score 3 goals and more and achieve victory by one or more goals.

What happened yesterday between City and Arsenal is completely different from that, de Bruyne’s comrades were required to score goals to excel the artillery, did not enter the meeting with a pre-eminence, which makes them more impulsive and give the opponent more space that can be used.

City against Real Madrid can provide a realistic match, which passively acquires it to deprive Real Madrid of the ball, and believes in its regions with a greater number of players without a rush, because it does not need to score goals, as it will work to raise the level of tension among the Real players, the more time passes, the anxiety may increase and perhaps Mistakes appear in Zidan’s men.

2- Real Madrid is not Arsenal, I do not mean to reduce artillery, but what is required to be realistic and clear, preparing for confronting the Gunners is not the same as preparing for the Real, the psychological, tactical and physical preparation for any team before facing Real Madrid is better than facing Arsenal because the Royal is one of the strongest teams in the world In recent years, it is only natural for Manchester City to be better equipped to meet Zidane’s men.

3- Manchester City aspires to achieve the Champions League title as the main goal of the season for several months, and dealing with this championship is completely different from the FA Cup, it is true that Guardiola and his players also want to win the Federation Cup, but the desire is much greater with the champions, especially that they have the satisfaction From local leagues in the last two seasons.

Winning the two-eared cup is the dream of every footballer in the world, one of the greatest moments in the career of any superstar, so City players will not easily lose this opportunity in the current season, especially after their superiority to Real Madrid.

From here we say and we repeat that Real Madrid has his chances against the City, but the chances are not great, and the City match against Arsenal does not require that it is similar to his upcoming match against Real.

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