Real Madrid news: Ramos’ sentence in video calls may come true today


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Sport 360 – Owns Real Madrid A great opportunity to win the Spanish league title today, Thursday, when Villarreal will be a guest at Alfredo Di Stefano, as part of the penultimate round of the season.

Real Madrid is 4 points ahead of its rival and traditional rival Barcelona, ​​and needs to win in today’s match to crown the 34th title in the club’s history, and the first in three years.

Network posted Defensa Central The Spanish report explains during which Sergio Ramos played the big role in winning this title, not only the decisive goals he scored, or his impressive defense returns, but also extends to the important moral addition he provided to the team.

Ramos seeks to increase the number of his titles with Real Madrid

In its report, the network explained that Ramos was making video calls continuously with his colleagues during the quarantine period before the resumption of the season due to the fact that he is the team leader, and he always repeated one sentence when he wanted to end the conversation, which is “gentlemen, we must win this league.”

The report added that this sentence remained stuck in the minds of the players, and it will have a wide resonance in today’s match, which will make this phrase come true if the three points are harvested.

Ramos will be crowned the fifth Spanish League title in his career with Real Madrid, Which is the 22nd overall title, to continue his journey to become the most crowning club with its club since its inception, breaking the number of Francisco Gento, who won 23 titles.

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