Real Madrid announces how to celebrate the league title


The Real defeated Granada in the last match (George Greeror / France Press)

Club announced Real Madrid Spanish football club, in an official statement, on How to celebrate it If you win a title LaLiga For the current season 2019/2020, which remained only two rounds, after Al-Malaki issued a table arrangement Local competition With 83 points, 4 points ahead of his direct pursuit Barcelona.

“We are all aware of the difficult situation we are living in and the efforts made by local authorities and society to combat the effects of the Corona virus, in addition to football, whose competitions are back,” said the Real Madrid statement.

He continued, “There were only two rounds in the Spanish league, and Real Madrid and Barcelona have the opportunity to be one of the champions, and if we win the title, the royal stars will not go to the traditional places, led by Cibeles to celebrate.”

“We ask all of our fans not to go to Cibeles Square or any place that will be celebrated, after Real Madrid won the Spanish League title, because we want to avoid the risks of transmission of the Corona virus infection between fans and celebrities.”

“Real Madrid thanks everyone for their understanding in advance. We aim to support the efforts of our stars and technical staff in order to achieve the possible achievement of the title, and we realize that the times we live compel us to take strong preventive measures.”

He concluded, “Real Madrid feels obligated to implement this important call in exercising the utmost responsibility, and the conviction that any possible victory for our league title, should be a major step back in the battle of everyone against the Corona epidemic.”


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