Reading glasses are not ideal for computers


The Good Vision Association said that the sense of vision deteriorates with age, and here some people resort to relying on reading glasses or multifocal glasses when working in front of computer screens, but such glasses are not always the best solution.
The German Society explained that the reading glasses are suitable for working in front of computers screens only when the reading addition does not exceed 1.5 diopters.The user can clearly recognize the keyboard starting from 2.5 diopters, and the screen appears blurred when the age-related low vision is affected.

Moreover, multifocal glasses are not a good alternative either; Because the user, who works in front of the computer screen, will often have to move his head back to see the correct area for the distance of the screen in question, and these situations may lead in the worst cases to back pain and headache.

The German Society recommends the use of glasses dedicated to computer screens, which are designed to fit the lower part of the lens with looking at the keyboard perfectly, and the middle part of the lens supports good visibility of the screen, and when you want to look around the room, the user can look through the part Top of the lens.

For its part, the German Society of Ophthalmologists explained that the impairment of vision related to aging is not a disease, but it is a natural result of the aging of the lens of the eye, and therefore most people starting from the age of 45 years notice a deterioration in the sense of vision even when watching TVs with ultra-high definition.


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