“Rami” .. The first Muslim comedy series in America to be nominated for an Emmy Award


Atlanta- Rami Youssef, the co-director and star of the “Rami” series, was nominated for the “Emmy” festival award, as a prominent lead actor and for his distinguished directing in the comedy.

At work, Rami Hassan Youssef, a first-generation Egyptian American, is struggling to balance his cultural and religious values ​​alongside his millennial American ways.

The series “Rami” focuses on Islamic belief while revealing a range of societal issues.

Rami Youssef responded to his Emmy Award nomination on Tuesday, by simply saying “Praise be to God.”

A scene of a porn star in a series in which Egyptians participated in provoking Arabs!

Although Rami focuses on an American Muslim figure, the work has found a wide audience of the millennial generation from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds that can be linked to the work hero’s concern for his romantic life, career aspirations and arrogant parents.

The third season of the series, on Hulu, was renewed earlier this month.

Last January, action hero Rami Youssef won the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series.

After nominating an Emmy, Rami told the Hollywood Reporter that he hoped the program’s success would open doors for others to further explore the vast American Muslim experience.

Rami added: “It’s really exciting because we are very specific. I think (when) watching our program, you realize in a good way that we are not close to covering the entire Islamic experience.

I think this should mean that we will get more stories lit in green because the umbrella of the Islamic experience is so wide – it’s so many different groups, so many kinds of people. ”

He continued: “There are a lot of stories that can be told, which excites me for the bigger picture, one of which does not even include me.”

While “Rami” is largely considered the first American Islamic satirical series, Muslim artists – including Aziz Ansari, were honored for his work on “Sayed Nothing”, and Rees Ahmed for “Night of Men”, where both portrayed Muslim figures in their shows.

The 72nd Emmy Awards will be held on September 20, on ABC. It is to be presented by brilliant presenter Jimmy Kimmel. CNN Arabic


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