Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s last will to her fans – Lebanese Forces Official Website


The late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi left a will for her audience some time before her departure, in which she talked about the developments of her health condition, after she was infected with the Corona virus last days of Ramadan, and after she was transferred to Ismailia Hospital.

In her will, which she announced in a message she had read during a telephone conversation with the program “Special Coverage from Radio Egypt”, to the Egyptians from inside the Isolation Hospital, the able artist said, “Please fear for yourself because what you reach for me is in it.”

The late artist thanked everyone who asked about her, and called her to describe coronavirus infection as a serious matter.

The able artist departed from our world, at the age of 82, at dawn today as she embraced the soul in the Abu Khalifa Hospital for Sanitary Insulation in Ismailia, after a 45-day struggle with Covid 19 disease caused by her infection with the Corona virus.


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