Rajaa Al-Jeddawi brilliantly chose her roles in the drama, but “Drama” afflicting her with Corona was the most dangerous for her.


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Rajaa Al-Jeddawi brilliantly chose her roles in the drama, but her “drama” afflicting her with Corona was the most dangerous for her, today Sunday 5 July 2020 08:18 AM

The late star Rajaa Al-Jeddawi excelled in choosing her roles and presenting all forms of drama in theater, cinema and television, but her “drama” afflicting Corona was the most dangerous in the life of one of the most famous artists.

The artist Jeddawi was raised and lived in the atmosphere of art, dance and stardom, since she moved at a young age to live in the company of her aunt, the great star Greeting Carioca, who was keen to attach her to the Franciscan schools in Cairo, where she learned the English, French and Italian languages, and then worked in the translation department of an advertising company.

The artist, who carried her childhood name, Najat Ali Hassan Al-Jeddawi, her real name, started her career in the field of fashion show, and she was one of the most distinguished and distinguished stars in this field, even she was participating in fashion shows outside Egypt, and she got a number of awards in this field.

In 1970, she met the famous soccer player Hassan Mukhtar, so she married him and gave birth to her only daughter, Amira, and their marriage continued until his death in 2016.

Abdel-Aziz Gad nominated her, to embody the personality of Ahmed Ramzy’s sister in one of the films, and stuck to her, and her aunt was a greeting of Carioca, who refused to enter the art, so that she would not go through the same struggles and rumors that she had gone through.

Great director Henry Barakat watched her in one of the beauty pageants competitions, and nominated her to play the role of “Khadija”, the warden’s daughter, in the movie “Doaa Al-Karawan”, after which the works rolled and she started her path towards stardom.

At a seminar honoring her at the Aswan Festival for Women’s Films this year, she said that when she participated in the movie “Doaa Al-Karawan”, she went to the artist Faten Hamama’s room and entered without permission, so she asked Faten to leave the room and knock on the door before entering, and learned a lesson after that on how to deal with everyone .

She revealed that the movie “Rumor of Love” is the hardest in her career, as she participated with big stars the size of Youssef Wehbe, Omar Al Sharif, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Souad Hosni, and yet she owes them credit, especially because they supported her and stood beside her at work.

She participated in a large number of important works, most notably “Rumors of Love”, “Dreams of the Flying Boy”, “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal”, “Al-Bawab Al-Bawab”, “Mud”, “Hanafi Al-Abha”, “Family”, and other works.

At a symposium honoring her at the Aswan Women’s Film Festival, in 2020, she said that she retired from the fashion show in order to be fully devoted to acting, especially as her elegance restricted her to the beginning of her life in certain roles, an aristocratic or reckless girl.

Although she did not perform starring roles, but she is a hero in all the works and personalities that were presented, and she is also one of the stars who left a mark in every work.

In her last heroism, she manifested in her bitter and stubborn struggle with the coronavirus, which began by announcing her daughter Amira Mukhtar about her mother’s injury to it, after completing filming the series “The Game of Oblivion”, where her temperature suddenly rose, and she was transferred to the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia, and then transferred to the intensive care room After her health deteriorated, which forced doctors to put her on an internal respiratory system, she spent her last days breathing with him while fighting her losing battle drama with the dreaded virus.

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