Rahaf El-Kanoun talks about her freedom and her personal choices, and she criticizes the comments of the tweeters


Social media pioneers shared a new video for the fleeing Saudi girl Rahaf Al-QunoonIn it, she talked about her freedom and her personal choices, criticizing the comments of the tweeters who said that the end of her freedom is marriage and childbearing, underestimating the importance of her choices and that in the end she went to the traditional way of life that she rejected and escaped from.

Al-Qanoon said in the video: “The best thing I did for myself from Jet Canada is that I have disappeared from the social media. I took time to become new spiritually and mentally. I returned to the media media. You never hurt me, I do not hurt, as long as you can not ruin my life.
And the fleeing Saudi young woman in Canada added: “The issue is not marriage, nor the reproduction of the matter. The decision is in my hands. This is my final decision when I met the person I love to mentally and spiritually nourish me and support me and I am proud of this to his father.”
Activists commented on the video, between supporters of and against him, while many attacked her, demanding that she not appear on the media again.

Rahaf Al-Qanoun surprised the public yesterday, with new images that are the boldest for her since her asylum in Canada, after she appeared in Mayo, accompanied by the father of her foreign child, who was said that she did not marry him until now, and that her child is illegal.
Al-Qanoun prolonged a relaxation trip with her husband, wearing a swimsuit, and exposed her chest, amid a state of amazement and shock among the audience for the audacity that the young Saudi woman had reached without paying attention to any reactions or attack that she might receive among followers on the social media.
The singers expressed their surprise at the speed of the stability of the young Saudi woman in Canada, her marriage and childbearing, as it was only about a year and a half after her arrival in Canada.
Rahaf’s photos of the swimsuit came a few days after the disclosure of the shape of the father of her child, who I talked about earlier, and showed him in an unclear manner carrying his recently-born child, and then came back and published a clear-cut picture of him carrying his son.


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