Racist messages to the star in the English league .. The accused “surprise”


In a surprising surprise, the British police arrested an accused of sending racist messages to the Ivorian striker Wilfried Zaha, player of the Crystal Palace team.

The accused was arrested before Sunday’s Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Aston Villa at the latter’s stadium.

The surprise was that the accused was a boy under 12 years old.

Zaha posted a picture of the racist messages that he reached through his personal account on the social networking site, Instagram, from an Aston Villa fan, in which he stated, “It is better not to register tomorrow (you lions), otherwise I will come to your home in a ghost costume,” according to the Associated Press. Press. ”

West Midlands Police said on Twitter: “We received a notification about a series of racist messages that were sent to a soccer player today and after their consideration and examination, we arrested a 12-year-old boy who was taken to custody. Thanks to everyone who raised the case. We underestimate the fight against racism. ”

Before the match started in Villa Park, Zaha was among the players who knelt in an expression of their participation in the campaign “Blacks Life is Important”.

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