Qatar defeats Saudi Arabia and its allies in the International Court of Justice


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While the international decision received a national welcome on Twitter, the tweets wrote tweets praising the decision of the International Court.

And the account of the famous tweeter Jaber Al-Harami wrote: A new legal victory for Qatar against the blockading countries ..

# The International Court of Justice says that the ICAO Council has accepted the payments of # Qatar that it fulfilled the condition of negotiation before filing the lawsuit .. and the court rejects the first, second and third payments made by the four ICAO Council ..

The media account of the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, Haitham Abu Saleh, tweeted:

#The International Court of Justice recognizes the jurisdiction of the International Civil Aviation Organization # ICAO to consider the case brought by Qatar and the court says that ICAO did not make a mistake when the appeals were rejected by the countries of the blockade because of its lack of jurisdiction in the case of the air blockade imposed on Qatar and, as a result, the ruling is in Qatar’s interest


An account in the name of Muhammad Aladdin “Al-Anasawah tweeted, saying:

The matter was decided in favor of # Qatar # the International Court of Justice rejects the payments of four countries, numbering 145 million people

#Very small diameter (in their view only) overpowering many, despite their fear

Qatar Airways, the privileged airline, will soon return to flying above all airspace, under international law

Mubarak # Qatar is this achievement, and it is never strange

An account in the name of Hamad bin Aqeel Al-Nabit tweet: A clear legal victory .. One country against four states, unanimously and unanimously.

Evidence of her awareness and ignorance, which is welcome

Deciding and celebrating it, awaiting our greatest success

The greatest defeat for them ..

#New country_ victory

international justice Court

Singing in the name of Rashid bin Ali Al-Ozbah In front of the Qatari international aircraft and the relevant international agreements.

The tweet Khaled bin Mubarak Al-Kuwari wrote in his tweet: What has been lost right behind the demands and the right must return to his family one day .. Thank God for what has been achieved ..God preserves Qatar and its prince and its people from all evil and those who want them bad response to his slaughter in his slaughter that you are answering the supplication

Greetings, thanks and appreciation to the legal team led.

An account in the name of Inspiration Badr # Qatar_Gard: After the victory of The International Court of Justice for the position of # Qatar against the blockade countries I yearn to read the way of writing this news in their media and the way they mock their awareness of their citizens as they always do .

Don’t make us wait too long

Ghaida Hashem, another account, tweeted:

#The International Court of Justice rules in the interest of Qatar in the issue of the air embargo imposed on it by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain

Your money lost, # Muhammad_Ben_Salman

And # Mohammed_Ben_Zaid Hahahahaha

Today # The Crown Prince is not going to sleep from oppression

Saudi Arabia, from failure to failure, thank God

Others tweeted with short tweets expressing their joy at the International Court’s decision, which they considered a victory for the State of Qatar in the face of the blockade of Saudi Arabia and its allies. The tweets stated:

The judges of the International Court rejected “unanimously” an appeal lodged by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in a decision issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the year two thousand and eighteen in favor of Qatar. The ICAO organization decided to settle a dispute related to the request of Qatar, which accuses its neighboring countries of violating an agreement regulating the freedom of civilian aircraft to cross in foreign airspace.


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