Protesters storm a restaurant in Beirut .. and the Lebanese Minister of Economy: I was not there


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Protesters stormed a famous restaurant in Zaitouna Bay, Beirut, on Friday evening, coinciding with the meeting of some officials of the governments of Iraq and Lebanon inside it.

This comes at a time when the Lebanese Minister of Economy, Raoul Neama, said he was not present in the restaurant, denying that his aides had assaulted some protesters, according to the official news agency.

The Lebanese Minister of Economy stated, in a statement, that what is being circulated through social media about his presence in a restaurant in the Bay of Zaytuna “and the assault of its elements on the demonstrators,” adding that “the minister denies this news altogether and in detail, affirming that he is not there .. and wishes everyone to be careful Accuracy before publishing false news. ”

Videos were circulating, CNN could not verify the authenticity, accompanied by an account that says for a moment, Lebanese demonstrators stormed a restaurant where an Iraqi ministerial delegation was present during their meeting with their Lebanese counterparts in Beirut.

Iraqi accounts said on Twitter that the Iraqi delegation included the ministers of trade, agriculture and oil.

It was not entirely clear why the Lebanese demonstrators stormed the restaurant, but comments by Lebanese singers went on to say that the protest was against the appearance of Lebanese officials in a luxury restaurant, while the country faces a severe economic crisis.


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