Prime Minister: This is a national betrayal!


Prime Minister Hassan Diab spoke at the beginning of the government session and said: “The challenges grow in front of the country, the difficulties accumulate, the obstacles increase, and the political investment turns into a profession of falsifying facts and obliterating the facts. All of this we endure and more, but unfortunately some went too far with this behavior … when these people try to block any Help for Lebanon, what do they do? ”

He added: “You know that the contacts with our brothers in Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar, and with our friends in the world, are witnessing a positive and encouraging development to help Lebanon. We are digging rocks so that we can alleviate the size of the country’s crisis. On the other hand, there are people who still insist on increasing the suffering of the Lebanese.”

Diab asked: “It is reasonable that there is a political official who has a national conscience and is trying to prevent assistance to Lebanon in these circumstances? Reasonable there is a party official who is all concerned with obstructing any assistance? This is flawed and closer to national treachery. What we have heard from our brothers in the Arab countries about the contacts that they got from them Some Lebanese politicians are ashamed. ”

He continued: “We have reports of a plan to disrupt the government from within the administration. I was exposed to a lot of pressure until he changed” several “, on the basis that we cannot work with” several “others. I insist that this is” several “of the state and not” several “political forces nor “several people.”

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