Pictures .. Ragheb Alama on a fishing trip during his summer vacation


Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama shared with his fans the atmosphere of his summer vacation on board a boat in Lebanon.

And he published a sign, through his account on Instagram, a picture and a video clip in which he managed to catch two big fish, commenting: “A fishing trip in beloved Lebanon, this is Lebanon and this is the magic of its nature. The sweetest bike ride along the sea line to Naqoura directly on the Lebanese border with Palestine. Occupied, with vigor, vitality and positive energy, while we are doing a very wonderful achievement, I love you, Lebanon. ”

It is reported that Ragheb recently released the clip of the song “Anto Our Hope” to raise awareness against the Corona virus, the song composed by the poet Nizar Francis, composed by Jean-Marie Riach, and the clip, directed by Sami Saab.

A few months ago, Ragheb released the song “Kait Akherak Ashtar”, in the Gulf dialect, which will be among the songs of his new album, which is written by Khaled Al-Marikhi and composed by musician Talal.


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